Welcome to the Technion Biofluids Laboratory

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The Technion Biofluids Laboratory, directed by Dr. Josué Sznitman, examines a broad range of fluid flows relevant to biology and physiology. Our interdisciplinary research interests include (i) respiratory flows in the lungs in association with particle inhalation and deposition (e.g. therapeutics), (ii) animal locomotion and motility phenotyping in model organisms (e.g. disease quantification, drug screening, genetic basis of behavior, etc.), and (iii) small-scale physiological flows using microfluidic techniques (e.g. transport in micro-networks such as in blood micro-circulation and the pulmonary acinus of the lung).

Our research makes use of both experimental and computational techniques, including high-speed imaging, microscopy, microfluidics, particle tracking and velocimetry (PIV) methods, computer vision, and computational fluid dynamics (CFD).

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